Epic offered a deal so good it quite literally broke their store.

Epic offered a deal so good it quite literally broke their store. That would be the fact that GTA 5 was featured as their weekly free game, and PC players can log on and claim it for free from now until next Thursday, May 21, and get to keep it forever once the deal goes away.

The store is mostly back up and functional now, so you are free to claim the game, and this is the Grand Theft Auto 5: Premium Edition, which comes with some certain perks.

Before everyone starts filing support tickets, I thought I should probably warn you about something you will come across.

One of the benefits to the premium edition of the game is that you get $1,000,000 to spends in Grand Theft Auto Online, the free online component of the game that has blown up into an ongoing megahit the past few years.Today In: Games

However, players may log in and find they are missing that million. I’m not quite sure why there’s a delay on this, but Epic has specifically said that players should wait 7-10 days after first logging gta 5 mobile ios in for that balance to show up in their inventory attached to their account. Maybe this is a technical issue, maybe they just want people to experience the first parts of GTA Online without having a million to spend instantly. In the grand scheme of things in the current state of that game’s economy, a million won’t get you all that far, but in case you were wondering where that money is, this is the deal with that.

GTA Online

The other components of the Premium pack include: “all existing gameplay upgrades and content including The Doomsday Heist, Gunrunning, Smuggler’s Run, Bikers and much more” along with a Criminal Enterprise Starter Park that has gear and stuff in it worth around $10,000,000 if you were buying it otherwise. I believe all that stuff should be accessible from moment one, but if not, maybe it has that 7-10 delay on it as well. A main feature of the starter pack is the ability to buy properties immediately, allowing you to generate cash more quickly right from the start.

It seems very clear that the ultimate goal of giving away the already best-selling game in the world for free on the Epic Store is to make more GTA Online converts, and get players to eventually spend real-life money in that mode once there’s something in the game they find they can’t live without. This free game and these starter packs are giving players a taste of how they can be a criminal kingpin, and no doubt many will end up wanting more.