Both alien gangs vie for dominance in true GTA form

The green and blue alien suits invading Grand Theft Auto 5’s multiplayer are being offered for free, but players must act fast to claim them. The alien gangs’ invasion began without warning a little over a week ago, instigating more absurdity and mayhem in the game’s online environment. Players can acquire the alien suits from merchants in the game, such as the famous Ammu-Nation gun store or any clothing store.

Both alien gangs vie for dominance in true GTA form, but they also have another rival in the form of an online gang called “Impotent Rage,” who takes it upon themselves to quell all alien threats in GTA Online. Despite the innate chaos native to GTA Online, players also find themselves trying to amass their financial boons amidst the alien gang wars.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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Further promoting the alien gang wars, Rockstar took to Twitter to announce it has made the green and purple alien suits free to players – but only for a week. Gamers will have to act fast to acquire their preferred alien color without having to pay the normal $300,000. Interested fans can obtain one of these suits from any clothing store by going to: “Outfits: Arena War > Bodysuits.” In addition, Rockstar is making the Pool Cue free at Ammu-Nation until May 13, 2020.

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Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits are free in GTA Online all week long.

Grab yours and join the fight – available from any clothing store by going to Outfits: Arena War > Bodysuits.

Plus pick up a Pool Cue from Ammu-Nation for free until May 13.

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The responses on Twitter have been mostly complaints from players who already paid $300,000 for one of the bodysuits. The consensus among these users is they would like their in-game gta 5 mobile currency refunded since the suits are now free. However, less sympathetic players are deriding the former ones for caring about $300,000, arguing that that amount is pennies compared to what they should eventually be earning every hour (millions, even billions, according to some).

GTA Online has had a massive following since it claimed its fame in 2013. The alien gang wars are not the first bizarre fad to sweep through the online RPG, and it’s unlikely it will be the last. However, the alien gangs have been one of the most consistent extraterrestrial themes to come alive in the game, as they continue the weird figments of Michael’s hallucinations from the game’s campaign. The alien bodysuits have augmented the online circus, providing more color to an already vibrant experience, especially considering the varied customizations available for in-game vehicles and the diverse preferences of the game’s community.